Monday, May 18, 2009

Stressed but having fun

Ok so today I'm getting graduation invitations sent out.. but first I have to design them, get my pictures together and in the invites. I'm trying to get my scrapbooks finished for the party. It's not till June though so I have a little time. I am enjoying doing it though :)

I am very sunburned right now.. all down my whole back and back of my legs. What happened was that I was laying out in the sun and fell asleep on my stomach :/ lol woops...... I have very fair skin and burn easily. So far I have kept it oiled and not let it dry out.. it's not peeling yet! I hope it doesn't! I've put coconut oil, almond oil, and comfrey salve on it and taken an oatmeal bath. I used the Aveeno Oatmeal packets.. very soothing. So far it's working really good. I couldn't sleep 2 nights ago because everytime I tried to move it hurt so bad. Oh well, it's getting better quickly :) A quick remedy for no sleep is... COFFEE!
"Coffee... do stupid things faster and with more energy" ;) Some people say coffee is bad for you some say it's good for you. Well in resonable amounts (1-2 cups a day) coffee can be good. I don't drink it everyday but I actually love it, the taste. Alright I admit that with the flavors, cream, and sugar it tastes better but i do like just plain coffee..

Ahhhh... back to work :)

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