Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Busy Busy

Yesterday we had a park day, which is when all the homeschoolers in the homeschool group meet together at the park. Its fun for the kids to play and the moms to be social and see each other through out the summer. They meet every other week. So as I said, yesterday (Tuesday) was a park day. It went alright but I got kinda bored for a little bit of it so I went to McDonald's and got an Iced Mocha and a coffee for my mom.. which made her happy.. and it gave me a few minutes away. I really do enjoy talking to the moms, i can learn so much from them. Every person has some kind of intelligence and level of morals/standards that we can learn from. Sometimes it's good and sometimes we learn how we don't want to be. Sometimes it's not always someone older than you. It could be a younger sibling or random person you meet. Observe them and the things they say... you can learn a lot.
I also had a graduation meeting at the park. That went pretty well. There is so much involved in getting a graduation ready! ughh... the ceremony won't even be that long but planning it takes hours, meeting after meeting. We ended up getting a lot accomplished at this last meeting though! yay Praise God!

This morning I had to get up a little after 6am and go babysit till noon. I don't usually get up that early so I was extremely tired this morning. Now it's after 1am and i'm exhausted. anyways.. i love kids and i love babysitting. The kids I babysat this morning I absolutely love. They are awesome :) I've been babysitting them for like 3 years.. 2 whole summers ++. 2 boys and a girl. Now the little girl being the youngest gets slightly spoiled ;) by all I think. She's so little and cute. I had a great time with her this morning after the boys went to school. She's in Kindergarten so she didn't go to school till noon. I feel like God can use me powerfully in their lives. I want to be that light in their atmosphere.
I also like babysitting because I 'get the household' to myself pretty much lol. Running a house, cleaning, cooking, taking care of kids, laundry... I think that's fun. I did 5 loads of laundry at our house today.... whew. And yes I folded them too ;)

Yesterday and today I spent trying to get my graduation invitation ready. I'm so close!!! I'm using an awesome program. It's all through the computer and you put in the addresses and it sends them for you, I won't ever have to have the cards at my house. You can upload pics.. it's neat. But yeah well i had to figure out a bunch of stuff and put in addresses. Now I almost got the invite designed the way I want so tomorrow hopefully I can push the SEND button! :D

I was suppose to teach 2 piano lessons today but they cancelled. Tomorrow morning I teach 2 violin lessons! I love teaching... I need some new ideas, new games to use.. this one girl is getting bored. I'm not sure where to go with her now, she just started but I need a FRESH game and way to teach her.. Jesus help me!

More to write but I have to go to bed.. it's almost 1:30am..

God Bless You :)

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